Borough to Borough :: A Trip Down Hip Hop Memory Lane.


If after all that Christmas themed music from Grandma’s house in the suburbs has got you illin’, and you’ve been jonesing for some old school hip hop flavour to rinse you clean of your daughter’s Miley Cyrus wailing; look no further. Back in 2000, Alex Belth, before Bronx Banter fame, got together with friend Alan Friedman and began working on a stupendous mix cd for several months. Not only does it contain an impressive array of old school beats, it’s also packing a fully customized stack of samples from pop culture icons – Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, Richard Pryor and Joe Pesci to name but a few. The result is a seamless collection of old school flavour peppered with delicious scratch work and teeming with rhymes and melody. This music is food for your soul. So eat up, son!
(Above photo of Alex Belth, taken by Alan Friedman)

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Its been exactly 12 Years since we lost you babe girl,yet to me,it is like twas’ just yesterday .You were a young queen,destined for hearts,you were already there:among the stars that made our youth flare in celestial bliss.Like fireworks,you lightened up our moods Dana!In our hearts is where you will forever be.I remember watching Romeo Must Die,I swear I was just ten years old,yet it was like I was staring at my elder sister and how I wish I was the one protecting you.I had a kid’s crush on you,fell in love with your music despite the changing times cos you were indeed ONE IN A MILLION…If I could turn back the hands of time,I would,just to hear you breath and sing again.Life though it be a passing fancy,memories still remains in my head to reminisce on the past even if the future seem bleak.I’m glad you lived to the millenium era,and forever you’ll still be alive through your music.I may not have much convictions in faith,but I believe with angels is where you are in heaven singing classic tunes!Till we meet again Haughton!R.I.P

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