On Freestyle Battles and Its Significance In The Modern Hip Hop Culture As A Whole

If the following acts:Mc Supernatural,Eye dea and Mc Juice rings a bell in your hip hop head,then you were born in that era when Parking Lot Cyphers was the in thing.For instance,if Fight Klub use to be your favourite chill out and you never missed any Big Tigga’s freestyle sessions or have Sway And Tech’s freestyles packed in your hard drives then you know what I’m talking about.Its now the second decade of the 21st Century,and the mention of cats like Dizaster,The Saurus,Iron Solomon among others can actually cause a stir in performing acts…cos definitely y’all remember how Bis’ got smoked up in his hype by Diz.Those guys hold it down for a part of hip hop culture which has been underrated by the media yet in reality is the core of hip hop underground.We all know Immortal Technique to be an hard ass emcee,our favourite bar spitta,but do you know that Iron Solomon had a major influence in him?Tech’s Revolutionary albums incorporated those hardcore punchlines mainly exhibited in Freestyle battles,only that the political aspect of his major hits made him ‘a political hip hop emcee’.KRS ONE,the Teacher has been known to sensitize rappers on the whole aspect of emceein’ but has never been really down with the gladiator sport:Horrorcore hip hop.Infact many critics attributes KRS to moulding the architects of hip hop revolution.Even in Bam’s http://www.zulunation.com he practically features in major debates about the objectives of hip hop in the society…that was something,yet at the advent of the wack generation of J-Coles,Lamars,and other missplaced rappers,workshops on real hip hop halted and no one dared pointed out to these cats that claiming the throne in ‘real hip hop’ is next to blasphemy.We all know what debates involving MAINSTREAM Vs UNDERGROUND hip hop has caused.More beef and no resolutions.The fact is that the media has failed in promoting underground acts.I carried out a survey on my facebook social page and realized that 75% of those who listen to mainstream hip hop have never heard of underground rappers like Chino Xl,Jedi Mind Tricks,Demigodz etc…yet when I linked them to their music,half of them acknowledged their lyricism and embraced real hip hop.Right now,World Domination freestyle battles is going on,yet many are not even aware of it.I would like to use this post to bring more flock to real hip hop.I would love to hear masses subscribing to Freestyle Organizations like GRINDTIME NOW,K.O.T.D,U.R.L among others and note the difference.If you love poetry,then you gonna love the creativity of underground emcees and come to appreciate the whole aspect of emceeing.LONG LIFE THE ARTS.

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